Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the Franchise Fee for a Big Licks store?
A: The initial cost for a single store is $10,000 for the Development fee + $25,000 for the Franchise fee with ongoing royalties of 6% of gross sales and 2% as a production and development fund.
Q: How much do I need to invest?
A: Excluding the cost of the real estate, expect to spend between $110,000 to $474,000. Exactly how much depends on what type of location you plan to open. It varies on the size of your store, actual construction cost & special lease provisions.
Q: What does a Franchise Agreement include?
A: It entitles you to own and operate a Big Licks store, use of the trade name, trademarks, proprietary recipes, business methods, and our dรฉcor scheme.
Q: What support can I count on during the initial steps after I sign the Franchise Agreement?
A: Specific areas of support include: Assistance with site selection, facility & construction planning, layout, fixture and equipment specifications and ordering, in-store training of management personnel, advertising and marketing support, inventory training, operating procedures, loaned copies of Operations Manuals, and continued field support.
Q: After all Franchise Agreements have been signed, how soon can I expect to open my store?
A: From 6 months to 1 year. This will vary depending on the location and whether you are leasing or buying the property.
Q: How many square feet are needed for my Big Licks store?
A: From 800 to 2400 square feet. This will depend on the location, which type of Big Licks shop you plan to open, demographics, cost of site, and prototype construction versus a retrofit building.