Our work environment is Team-oriented, fast paced and fun. We encourage the entire Big Licks® team to grow with e company. That’s why our success is your success. We are specifically looking for people who are organized, dependable, conscientious about cleanliness and food safety, have outgoing bubbly personalities and want to interact and have fun with our customers. The Big Licks® reputation of amazing products, incredible service and a fun atmosphere are what separates us from the others. That’s why the people we hire on the TEAM have to be the best. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today.

There are opportunities available for hourly store employees, internships and a couple of management positions.  We will soon have opportunities for corporate positions. See your area of interest below to learn more about these opportunities.

Hourly Store Employment:

Please download the application and  email the application to [email protected]

You must be at least 15 years old for hourly employment opportunities with Big Licks.

The Big Licks Chick uniform consists of: Blue Big Licks T-shirt, Tan, Black or Khaki shorts, short socks, and sneakers. The Big Licks Chick uniform can not be changed or altered in any way. As well, the Big Licks Chick uniform can not be sold to the public for any reason.

For Staff position(s), the uniform consists of: Blue Big Licks logo shirt, Khaki shorts, socks and sneakers.

We look for the All-American Girl & Boy image with Very bubbly, outgoing personalities!

Big Licks Chicks will be featured in commercial print and online advertising campaigns based on employee interest.

Additional Benefits

Free Ice Cream Program, Individual Marketing Program Based On Employee Interest, Community Service/Charity Involvement, Management & Corporate Training.  And a lot of Fun working in a fast paced restaurant!!

Management opportunities:

Big Licks will soon be hiring Managers and Assistant Managers for their location in Old Orchard Beach.

Big Licks Managers

Big Licks invites you to share in our success. In fact, we insist! Only if you are successful, are we successful. As one of Maine’s newest restaurant groups, it’s imperative that we find and work with the best talent available.

Corporate Philosophy

Big Licks presents special rewards and challenges to its managers, all based on our approach to building a successful business. Our beliefs, as they affect your career, are:

  • Big Licks is, at the heart, a people business. People create the atmosphere that draws guests to Big Licks. Accordingly, the most successful managers are those who can motivate and train others to deliver a quality product in a fun atmosphere. A significant part of management compensation is based on bonuses tied to sales, cost of goods sold, profit and quality goals. Managers with great leadership & people skills thus tend to be the most highly compensated. “Work hard, play hard & make money” all have a special meaning for your career path at Big Licks. We are a performance-based organization; if you’re ready, the opportunity is likely right around the corner.
  • Big Licks thrives on our communities and promotions. Big Licks believes in constantly keeping its name and product before the public. Managers will have broad individual authority in their promotional programs. Good ideas and good execution leads to more guests and more successful business results. There are few other companies where managers will have more tools for marketing and the ability to use them than with Big Licks.
  • Big Licks believes in giving back through Community Service and Charity Involvement.  We appreciate our Managers organizing and running our Charity Events and generally staying involved in our community.

Additional Benefits

Free Ice Cream Program, Company Paid & Sponsored Events/Trips, Bonuses Tied to Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Profit and Quality Goals, Community Service/Charity Involvement, Management & Corporate Training.  And a lot of Fun working in a fast paced restaurant!!

Corporate Opportunities:

There are no current openings for corporate positions.  In the near future, openings will be available at our corporate headquarters in such specialties as construction management, accounting, purchasing, training, marketing, human resources and other areas.


Big Licks will soon be offering internships for individuals pursuing a Business / Marketing or Hospitality degree. The ideal candidate is a Business / Marketing or Hospitality student who will soon be graduating and is interested in a permanent management position with our company.  However, it is not required.

We will offer four weeks initial training in the kitchen, four weeks training in the front of the house and one-week spent in Management Training.

Obviously, your school’s requirements may affect the length of the internship. Typically, a 400-hour program is standard. We will extend our nine-week program to 10 to 12 weeks, if necessary.

Interns are paid an hourly wage during the course of their stay with us. The rate is determined by the Area Supervisor that is offering the internship. However, the general rate is $10.00 per hour.

Please have your college or university contact us if you are interested in an internship opportunity.