Big Licks Franchising Network

Structured For Efficiency

Big Licks has streamlined the process for our Franchisees by having all of the professional services required to open a franchise, located in our Scarborough, Maine office and at our flagship shop in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Everything from Real Estate site selection assistance, Training, Grand Opening plans, Marketing and Accounting are executed within these two locations.  Legal review will be accomplished with our outside council.

The partnerships we have created with organizations outside of Big Licks help us to serve our franchisees even more efficiently. Relationships with real estate developers, government agencies, and key vendor corporations are all an integral and valuable component to Big Licks success.

Real Estate & Architecture

Though you are ultimately responsible for site selection and lease negotiations, Big Licks real estate service is available to approve site selection options and review leases that will protect all of our interests. The executives have cultivated valuable relationships with traditional developers and real estate organizations.

Our team has the benefit of the experience that comes from designing other Big Licks locations. With typical site layouts and plans, standard equipment layout, and equipment cut sheets, we are able to streamline the construction planning process.

Pre-Opening Coordination, Construction & Training

Our Pre-Opening Coordination and our Construction services have simplified the pre-opening process at Big Licks for our Franchisees. The assigned Pre-Opening coordinator can assist the franchisees thru permitting, ordering, and construction scheduling deadlines. Experienced construction teams and bulk equipment packages allows stores to be opened in a shorter period of time and less expensive than could be possible using services outside of Big Licks.

Training and Education is vital to the profitable operation of any quick service restaurant and at Big Licks, the comprehensive training is “invaluable”. In-store training is conducted at both a Big Licks existing ice cream parlor and at the owners’ site and includes the management staff.

Additional educational programs provide ongoing support for continued operational profit growth and improved business skills.

Operations, Marketing, Purchasing & Distribution

Big Licks ownership are at the very heart of the support provided to the Franchisees and are always available to the Franchisees because of their deep passion for the success of the brand. They are ‘forward thinking’ leaders who are motivated to lead the Big Licks brand in the industry. They are in direct contact with the Franchisees to provide operational guidance as well as accept and analyze suggestions for further improvements of the brand.

Accounting & Legal

The extensive in house Accounting department at Big Licks performs an important function for the company and enables us to react quickly and efficiently to the needs of our brand as well as our Franchisees.

The Accounting department performs all accounting related functions for Big Licks. In addition to Company audits, this experienced group of professionals manages everything relating to sales reporting, store audits, compliance, and collections.

The outside Legal services handles all Franchise Disclosure Document registrations annually, and all Franchise Agreement documentation. In addition, our counsel reviews all vendor contracts and development contracts. This team also manages the many trademarks and copyright filings and helps to guard the Company from any infringements. The legal team is available to assist franchisees with lease renewals and extensions.


Once you have taken the initial steps towards franchise ownership, you may be interested in financing said franchise. Big Licks provides tremendous business opportunities and assistance starting up your franchise. The Small Business Association gives you an alternative to taking out a traditional bank loan. An SBA 7(a) loan is ideal for new franchisees and is partially guaranteed by the government. These loans typically fall between $250,000 and $500,000. Be mindful that SBA interest rates can fluctuate over time. As a borrower, you are expected to repay the loan in full.

Before you apply for an SBA loan at your bank or qualified lender, there are a few things to bear in mind. Along with a general application, you will be expected to provide certain documents – including a personal business plan – in order to be approved. Financing a franchise is a large commitment, so be sure to plan ahead. View the SBA’s 7(a) Loan Application Checklist to ensure you have the necessary credentials to be considered for a loan: