Community Involvement

Big Licks is a proud sponsor of local community organizations and the vital work they do every day.  Please see our Events schedule for a list of our current events that you may wish to participate in.  Big Licks will host the following events: if you have an event idea, please e-mail it to [email protected]

  • Big Licks Chicks Hosting & Catering Events
  • Celebrity Scoop Nights (competitive fundraising for local schools and other organizations)
  • Ice Cream Eating Contests
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Breast Cancer Walks
  • Children’s Charities Events

Donation Program

Because of the tremendous popularity of Big Licks products and restaurant, many organizations contact us regarding donations. The Big Licks Donation Program was developed to help as many organizations as possible.

Any non-profit organization may be eligible to receive an annual donation of 50, $1.00 gift certificates for fundraising efforts redeemable at Big Licks restaurants. We are not able to provide cash contributions due to the volume of requests received. We may provide free ice cream on a very limited basis.

We believe it is better to give some to many, than give a lot to few.

1: All requests must be written on the organization’s original stationery, scanned and e-mailed to:

[email protected]

2: The request must include the following:

– Date of the fundraising event – must be at least 30 days prior to the event
– Description of the event and the beneficiaries
– The organization’s contact person, phone number and e-mail address
– The organization’s tax-exempt I.D. number and copy of 501C-3 document

Requests are reviewed monthly and responses are e-mailed.